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  • Liz Brand

Rediscovering History: Budd Bioworks Hosts Budd Family Members

Colliers Life Sciences team and Plymouth Group were honored last week to tour Budd Bioworks alongside several descendants of Edward Gowen Budd, the founder of Philadelphia’s historic Budd Company. Edward Budd was a profound innovator of his time and to them – a grandfather.

The Budd Campus continues to hold a special place in the hearts of the Budd family and the surrounding community. Renowned for contributions to the automotive industry, the Budd Company Hunting Park Plant pioneered the development of the first all-steel automobile body in the early 1910s, revolutionizing the way cars were manufactured. Subsequent innovations advanced the railcar and aerospace industries.

Today, the Budd Bioworks continues this legacy as a pioneering campus for the life sciences industry, blending industrial heritage with modern amenities and multifunctional spaces that support a range of science from discovery through production.

Led by Asher Schlusselberg of the Plymouth Group and aided by historian Robert Masciantonio of Hidden City Philadelphia, the Budd family embarked on a guided tour around the 2.7 million square foot campus to learn more about its future as a life sciences hub for R&D, lab and up to global pharmaceutical scale manufacturing.

Along the way the family shared fascinating anecdotes about the former factory's history and recognized the efforts being made to preserve the Budd’s unique architectural features.

The family's excitement grew as they took in the extent of the ongoing renovations and learned how this pioneering campus will again serve its community and impact cures and lives through bioscience. With new leases preparing to be announced, it is an exciting time for the Budd Bioworks Campus!


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